Investment Opportunity

General information
In order to be able to fund further development of we have created the Lemon Bet (LBET). The LBET is an Ethereum based ERC20 token which is a market standard and well known and accepted by all major exchanges. We have created a fixed amount of 1 000 000 LBET to be used for funding via private sale and exchange trading.

Private sale
The private sale of LBET has started on May 5th 2020 and will end when either the maximum number of LBET available for the private sale is sold or when the contribution period has ended on May 5th 2021.
Participation in the private sale is only possible by invitation. When interested please mail to [email protected].

More information about the private sale can be found in our WhitePaper.

Exchange trading
As of July 6th the LBET token is being listed and traded on Resfinex which exchange is committed to being a driving force in the blockchain revolution by increasing adoption of this innovative technology around the world.

Use of the LBET
The LBET token is used as a utility token on the Lemon Bet platform. You can play 10+ games in the platform with the LBET token.