It is very important to read these terms and conditions carefully. By contributing to the Lemon Casino token sell, you will be bound to the terms and conditions specified in this document. By accepting these T&Cs, you will enter a binding an agreement with our company. These T&Cs may contain provisions that affect your legal rights. If you do not agree with any of the terms set out in this document, do not make a contribution for the purchase of the LBET Tokens. If something stated in the T&CS creates in doubt as to the action you should take, you should consult with an advisor.

The company
Lemon Bet is a company incorporated and registered in Curacao and shall be the creator and issuer of the AL tokens under these terms and conditions. If you have any questions related to the terms and conditions, please contact us at [email protected]

Prohibitions on U.S and Republic of China Contributors
Due to legal and regulatory uncertainty in the United States of America, citizens and persons residing legally in the United States will be prohibited from participating in the quarterly airdrops. The rule to participate in the quarterly airdrops states that token holders must store their LBET Tokens in the Lemon’s Hold Wallet. In order to register an account in the Hold Wallet, all holders will be required to pass a KYC verification process. This procedure will ensure that U.S citizens, even if they purchase tokens from an exchange will not be able to receive any type of benefits from the company. Individuals that register by providing false or inaccurate information about their citizenship, residency and/ or nationality shall be in breach of these terms and conditions and shall be required to indemnify Lemon Bet in respect of any damages suffered due to this breach. The same information preveils for citizens from the Republic of China, where ICOs are
events totally prohibited due to government regulations and citizens from this country should not engage in any ICO activity.

1. Lemon Platform
The company is proposing to develop an online casino platform, aiming to be the first online casino to use Blockchain technology and virtual reality to provide a whole new gambling experience.
For more detailed information of the proposed Lemon Casino Platform, please refer to:
a) The Lemon Casino Project’s website https://lemon.bet
b) The Lemon Casino’s Whitepaper …..

2. Scope of T&Cs
The future use of the Lemon Bet Tokens on the Lemon Casino Platform, shall be subject to and governed by such other applicable terms, conditions and policies relating to the use of the token for gambling purposes and according to worldwide gambling regulations. Such platform terms will be made available to the Lemon Casino Platform users when the platform is successfully developed and deployed.

3. Contribution Period
3.1 Contributions may be made during the defined time periods. Contributions made at any other time will be rejected and not be part of the contribution period.
The equivalent USD 1.000.000 (Hard Cap) is received by the company in different accepted cryptocurrencies depending on the the stage of contribution. On or before the commencement of the contribution period, the company will publish on the website the number of cryptocurrencies that shall be equivalent to the Hard Cap based on the applicable market rate of the exchange taken from such cryptocurrency exchange or exchanges that we determine.
3.2 Any contributor must check the Website in order to ensure that the contribution is made prior to the end of the contribution period. Any contributions made prior to the contribution period will be at risk of losing their entire contribution and we will not be responsible or liable for such losses.
3.3 In the case of that any third-party website, service or smart-contract accepts contribution and issue AL Tokens, this event should be reported as SCAM. The only information and services provided for the token distribution, will be allocated only on our Website. In the case that a contributor sends a contribution to any third-party service he/she will be at risk of losing their entire contribution and the Company shall not be responsible or liable for any losses incurred by the Contributor in this respect.

4. AL Token Price
The token price varies in each of the token sale stages. To determine the amount of AL tokens contributors will receive during each sale will be calculated as follows:
(ETH Price) % (Respective Token Stage Price) = Amount of AL Tokens per ETH.

5. Method of Contribution
You must only contribute to the Company during the Token sale.
5.1 Contributions must be sent from a personal wallet or address in respect of which you can identify your own wallet address. Do not send contribution from an exchange wallet or address. Your personal wallet address shall be required to verify your contribution to the company and to enable the Company to issue ALs to you through the Smart Contract System. Contributions should be sent to the Company’s provided wallet addresses, accordingly to which cryptocurrency is used for the contribution

6. Token Functionality
Ownership of the LBET Tokens carries no rights, whether express or implied, other than the potential right to use and interact with the Lemon Casino platform, mostly for gambling purposes.
6.1 You Acknowledge and accept that AL Tokens do not represent:
a) Any ownership right or stake, share or equity of company.
b) Any rights to receive future revenues that come from any operations directed by the company.

7. Risks
You acknowledge and agree that contributing to the Company, the issue of AL Tokens and the development of the Lemon Casino Platform carries significant, regulatory and risks.

Risks of software weaknesses:
the AL Token and the smart contract system are based on the Ethereum Protocol. Therefore, any malfunction, breakdown or abandonment of the Ethereum Protocol may affect our company. With the advances of cryptography and other technical advances could present risks of malicious attacks. There is no warranty that the creation and issuing the LBET Tokens will be uninterrupted or error-free and why there is an inherent risk that the software could contain defects and vulnerabilities, causing complete loss of contributions and AL Tokens.

Risks of new regulations:
Blockchain technology will be subject to new regulation in the coming years. This could cause substantial modifications in the company and the Lemon Casino platform, including its termination and the loss of value of the LBET Tokens.

Gambling Regulations:
the Lemon Casino will be subject to gambling regulations. Even though it will start operating and offering gambling services only in countries where online gambling is not regulated, it has a goal to acquire licenses to offer its services worldwide. However, future gambling regulations under cryptocurrency operating casinos could prohibit the company to acquire this type of licenses. Contributors that reside in any of the gambling regulated countries will still not be allowed to
participate in any type of gambling activity in the Lemon Casino.

Risk of Abandonment:
the creation and issue of the LBET Tokens and the development of the Lemon Casino Platform may be abandoned for different types of reasons, including lack of public interest, lack of funding and lack of platform success. There is no assurance that, even if the platform is successfully developed and functional, the LBET Token will have any type of value, as it is determined by market demand and not by the company’s success.

Risk of Smart Contract attacks:
you understand that any successful attacks present risks to the smart contract system. You accept that the network of miners will be in control of delivering the Al Tokens to the respective contributors, and that the majority of miners could agree to make changes, updates and modifications that could lead to the AL token losing value and functionality.

Lemon Bet is a trustworthy and responsible company. It complies with and respects all the requirements of international law, including tax, financial, economic and criminal regulations of relationships.

The Lemon Bet Company reserves the right to reject a transaction in any stage, if it presumes that the transaction is in any way connected to a money laundering activity or other criminal activity. Illegal funds shall be any money obtained from illegal activities, including those carried out in the form of business which violate international law. In addition, the company does not accept or make any payments in cash.

Platform’s Initial Restricted Territories:
As stated in this document, any contributor will be accepted except for USA and China citizens or residents.
Note that the platform will start offering gambling services only to territories that currently are not under gambling license regulations.